Friday, June 25, 2010

This is new for me...

This morning I woke up thinking of a FB cousin who all week in their post - asked if it was Friday yet? I couldn't wait to get up and respond to them that today was FRIDAY!!
And since I was up I got the Wii out and ran for 27 minutes - that's a BIG stretch for me as I don't do workouts and get sweaty (uh - gross!) Then I got ready for the day (as you never know what the day will bring, as my mother always use to tell me when I lived at home). I made my son (aka Bone) eggs for breakfast, unloaded the dish wash, cleaned the dirty dishes, loaded the dish wash again and have started on the laundry. I'm pretty proud of myself today! And it's it all about the small accomplishments that you make each day?!?

So what have you done today that you are proud of?