Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life Changing

Well, I haven't gone a very good job of keeping up with this. I logged in today and was surprised to find I had "followers".

Well, this has been one crazy week. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday and Wednesday was pretty normal, as far as Hamilton went to school. Tuesday I actually cleaned the house. I haven't felt like doing anything for months. I think I've been really depressed... After cleaning for a bit I went out to Scott's work and we had lunch together. Then I had to run some errands. Then cleaning a little bit longer before going to get Ham and his friend from school. That pretty much ends my day once Ham is home - it's all about him and getting his stuff done before his 7 o'clock bedtime.

Wednesday was kind of the same as Tuesday, cleaning and then get the boys from school.

Thursday however has changed our life forever. Thursday was to be a bad weather day. Scott has to be at work by 5 every morning, so he leaves here about 4:20 every morning. Apparently the same time he left was the time that the water on the ground from the rain over night decided that it was just about right for it to start freezing. He had locked his wheels into 4-wheel drive but didn't shift the truck into 4-wheel as he said he didn't feel the roads getting slick or anything. Well, about the time he was cresting over the hill the truck started fish-tailing, he tried to compensate but it was too late. He threw his arms up over his head and said "hear we go" as he rolled once. Something hit him in the back of the head, he rubbed his head and threw the floor mat that had become tangled in his legs off of him, while thinking I've got to keep my hands up where they are, so my arm doesn't fly out the window and get crushed. As he rolled for the second time he's still thinking about his arms and staying in the truck.

He's very fortunate and we are very lucky that he walked away from this crash with a bruised shoulder. That's all - just a bruised shoulder! God was with him!! Look at the passenger side, completely caved in. The windows are all busted out and the welds on the top of the truck have been broken, but the top stayed on and Scott was held in the triangle part of the truck that developed when it rolled. This could have been the worst day of my life, instead it's just a little bump in the road as to what we will do about a second car, but at least he's alive and things are going well. He's just been really, really tired. But he's in good spirits and acts like his regular self.

So life is getting back to "normal" and hopefully next week will be completely back to normal-ville as this week I've discovered that I really don't like changes to my little world.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that all he has is a bruised shoulder. God was with him.