Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whew! What happened to Monday!?!

OMG! Monday just flew by (did you feel it?)! Before I knew it today it was 930, 1030, Noon, 200, then time to pick up the boys and I still had errands to run - ugh! Well, I managed to get every thing squeezed into today, plus a workout!! Yeah me!

I went to Zumba class. Anyone who thinks dance is easy, breezy never tried salsa dancing or a try-out for "Dancing with the Stars". I found out just how uncoordinated I was....I took dance for 4+ years, but have been out of dance for almost 20! Yikes!! [I'm getting old :( ] I'm glad I went and I'll go back on Thursday. I'm sure after a few more weeks I'll get the hang of it. (Ya right!) Anways, it was fun and I did have a good time, plus I didn't fall down on my rear, so that's a good sign.

Hope you all had a lovely Monday! Sweet Dreams and wishing you a Terrific Tuesday!

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